Healed From Rashes

On the 11th of April, I started to have rashes on both my hand. At first I thought it was just a normal mosquitoe bite. On Monday morning, I went to see a doctor to get some cream as the itchiness and the rashes didn’t seem to go off. The doctor said it was just a minor insect bite.

Monday evening itself, the rashes spread towards my elbow on my left hand. I quickly applied the cream given by the doctor but the next morning, the rashes becames worse. It was very red, swallen and itchy. I started suspecting that it might be a spiritual attack, as first, I do not have food alergy; second, I am not living in a jungle; third, it cannot be bed bugs as I have already cleaned my blankets and bedsheet. Furthermore, the spreading of the rashes happened in the evening and not at night.  I also took antihistamine for alergy but its just seems pretty much like I was bitten by insects

I then recalled that the last time I had a very bad rashes was during my preparation for a mission trip. My previous church took us to a camp as preparation for the mission trip to Sabah. After the camp, I had red, swallen, itchy rashes on my whole hands and legs. I was the only one having it. Every night I had to put ice on my hands and legs in order to stop the itchiness and be able to sleep. I was living at a hostel in Kampar back then. As it was nearing exams, I did not want to trouble my friends to fetch me to the clinic at the town area, so I just beared with it and prayed for healing. My former church members later gave me some antihistamine for alergy and the itchiness stopped and the rashes slowly healed.

I did not know about spiritual attacks that time. When I came back from Kampar after a month, my parents were so shocked, especially my mom, when they saw my hands and legs. But what they saw is only the after event. Thank God, they did not see the rashes when it was still red and swollen. Nevertheless, they banned me from going for that mission trip. At that point of time I concurred with them, as the experience of that attack of rashes was really really bad for me.

This time when it happened again, I decided to find help from Josh and Aunty Judy. Aunty Judy sent me a passage of proclamation for God’s Protection and asked me to go through the spiritual breathing. They also prayed for me from their side. I was quite scared actually because I do not have much experience dealing with the spiritual realm, evil spirits, and the sorts.  However, that night, I went through the spiritual breathing and declared the proclamation for God’s Protection. I did not close my room door fully while declaring as it in case anything happens, I still can run out the room. >.<

The next morning, I saw that my hand was healing!!! The rashes are were no longer red and the swelling ceased. It was just one night! Although I still can see some dark red spots on my skin, but it was no longer itchy. Thank God that the proclamation worked! It was the first time I prayed against evil spirits and I was on the winning side! All glory to God!

At the time of typing this testimony, the rashes is still on my right hand, but I will continue praying, proclaiming and not give up. I am going to the mission trip to Sabah this time round, no matter what happens!

– Jialing


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