Fear Of Flights And Allergy Overcomed

I thank God for always guiding and providing for me as a family-for me, it led me to my overcoming the fear of flying and of healing of my allergies! My allergies started in the year 2009 – from simple things like pineapple;  to prawn and seafood; chicken, and slowly moved into just about everything else! Eating became a burden because I had to watch out for ingredients that I was allergic to, and it was not so easily detected and preservatives was one of them! From chicken, it led to eggs which led to all kinds of cookies, cakes and pastries! So eventually I stayed with fish and vegetables. Even beef and mutton had its effect! If I accidentally forgot and ate a little of both together, my internal organs would start to swell and breathing became difficult! The doctors could not help because anti-histamine would cause me to have a heart attack as I had a faulty heart. There was no known cure or medicine, except a miracle which my doctor declared because my body was fighting itself and everything would get better if it stopped.

My fear of flying and heights on the other hand was something I’ve known for a very long time; so I’ve always avoided high places and never wanted to think of planes either. But in April 2013, my youngest son wanted to join the mission trip to Sabah and I really wanted to help him through it. He had a stroke in the year 2000 and is not allowed to go anywhere on his own. So that was where my journey with God began. I brought my request to Him of healing me of my fear of heights – I needed Him to do it before we had to book a flight in the beginning of May. So I started my fasting and by the time came to book the tickets, I felt my heart at peace. Not excited or anxious, just at peace – Confident that everything was going to be alright. I was grateful that as I approached the plane, I felt calm and at peace but I was shocked once inside the plane. We found our seats and my friends made sure that I was comfortable in the middle, just in case I got scared of the height. Judy sat beside me to assure me, to remind me that she was there. But as the plane took off, I felt this excitement mounting inside of me to look at the clouds and how beautiful they were! It was then that I knew I was healed of the fear of flying and I wanted  MORE.

Upon arriving and after settling down, we prepared for the night service, and as this was my first overseas missions trip, I was not designated any task. I chose to do the video-ing but the strange thing was that as I video-ed, I felt my attention becoming focused on the message of healing. Apparently it was a healing mission trip and I was not aware of it! The next day, during the video-ing, I heard a whisper in my ears; “You are healed!” and I felt stunned because I knew as I stood at the back in the furthest corner, there was no one beside me. I felt the conviction in my mind that I was healed of my food allergies! I felt the peace in my head again that everything was alright. I didn’t say a word to anyone as I was still in shock. After the session when we had lunch, I ate a little of the things I couldn’t before. The following day I still did not say a word.

For a long time, Jimmy was trying to help me understand about healing. I told him that the day I eat meat, it will be KFC first because that was my favourite and I missed it! At the airport, while waiting for the plane (our flight got delayed), I had my first KFC in 4 years, much to the surprise of the team members. I told them that God had healed me! As our flight was delayed, we received complimentary coupons to have KFC for dinner and for supper. It was a celebration of chicken and it was all free! I thank the Lord because I know I couldn’t have done it without His help and intervention.

But that wasn’t everything because when we were leaving for Sabah, my family and I had news of our having to move house but there wasn’t enough time to plan properly. Upon returning, it was clear that God was leading us (my family and I) to Sepang Gold Coast. It was clear that it was God’s leading because everyone (including my family and I) were praying that we would return to PJ but God closed every door. He left one open … in Sepang. As we settled in, the first thing I discovered was that we lived 10 minutes away from the beach as well as a fishing jetty, both places being the landing point for fishing boats. Here we discovered that fresh fish was the same price as in KL but were much more amazing. There were huge fresh prawns and crabs (which I couldn’t have prior to my healing).  So now after my healing, I have been enjoying the best fresh seafood for 7 months! To God be the glory! He planned my journey, my healing and the blessings that followed.


-Andrina Peterson


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