Free English Tuition Class Made Possible!

GOD knows our hearts’ desires and wants us to have them. He works in mysterious ways and He fulfils them. I earnestly wanted to get dictionaries for the English Tuition Class that Harvest Community Church will be organising as part of their community service. On 8th April 2014, Pastor Simon, Sue Ann and I went on this mission to look for dictionaries. We came to this Book Shop and I was skeptical that I would be able to get what I wanted here. Lo and behold there were dictionaries and dictionaries on display, with promotional prices. Some were small and handy within the budget, but it needed magnifying glass to read, and others far beyond what we could afford. Undeterred I searched around.  I could not believe my eyes! Is this for real? I disobeyed Bro Jimmy’s instruction  ‘Look but don’t buy yet; and Pastor Simon’s ‘Buy 20 copies first’. Instead I told Sue Ann to take all.  This was a GOD – sent deal and a double bonus. I wanted a dictionary and here it was a dictionary with THESAURUS thrown in, costing far below my cost. The marked price was RM 59.90 and now for us only RM 12 each. What more could we ask for? We now have 30 dictionaries.


If you are interested to be part of the teachers or helpers in this community project, please contact our Pastor, Rev Simon Kang. Interested to learn English? Come and find out how we can help you.


-Francisca Yii

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