God’s Wonderful Hand of Healing

Praise the Lord! Felicia has just been discharged from the hospital tonight (17th July 2014) after 24 hours in the hospital. She was suspected to have dengue fever and was admitted to the hospital. Felicia was experiencing joint pains, body aches, fever and rashes like symptoms. Her blood platelet was down to 110 but rebounded […]

God Never Fails

My name is Joseph Wu and I am 15 years old. I have always been weak when it comes to Bahasa Malaysia. Mainly because the language is hard to understand and it is really confusing. On 15th May 2014, I sat for my Bahasa Malaysia exam. I knew that studying the theory of Tatabahasa will […]

Three’s The Number

Three’s The Number           Praise God! In 2014 itself, He has brought three non-believers to youth and they have been attending quite regularly and taking parts in our Harvest youth activities Recently I started attending a seminar called the Deeper Life Seminar organized by Lifeline Ministries. One of the homework participants were given was to […]

An Unorthodox Easter

Last Sunday (20th April 2014), our church was “closed” for Easter. The entire church went to an aboriginal village in Perak. It became a 2-in-1 event (i.e. mission trip + easter service). God led us to do something different this Easter. After all, the real reason for the season is that Jesus came down to […]