Testimonies from mission trip team members to Sabah (June 2014)

The team went off to Sabah on Wednesday (11th June 2014) for a 4 day mission trip around Ranau.

They were Jimmy Wu (team leader),  Judy Lim, Francesca Yii,  Chong Jia Ling, Maria Regina, Naomi Simon, Joshua Wu, Deborah Wu,  Joseph Wu, Don, Doris, Glory Jane and Jane Fung.

Healing and miracles happened when the gospel was preached.

1. Listen to the testimony of a 66 years old church member , Francesca Yii


2. Listen to the testimony of a young 11 years old girl , Naomi who is going to a overnight mission for the first time


3. More testimonies of other church members


To God be the glory


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