Moving On – Sermon by Pastor Tan Yong Heng.


-Moving on in our spiritual walk, in life, in missions

-Let us serve while we can!

-Acts 12 is the last chapter about Peter

-Peter denied the Lord 3 times, confessed his sin and moved on with his life

Acts 12:

1. Be prayerful at all times

-Peter kept in prison (Acts 12:5) but the church earnestly prayed to God for Peter

-Prayer always works

-There’s a God in heaven who answers prayers

-Prayers is the means to strengthen our inner man

-Prayer opens up possibilities

2. Be humble in your heart

-Peter was miraculously delivered from prison (Acts 12:7)

-Peter went to the house of Mary (Acts 12:12)

-God answered their prayer and Peter was at the door

-God made use of a servant girl

-We might be mighty but God alone is ALMIGHTY

-Humble: teachable, quick to acknowledge our mistakes

-We need to be humble because we make mistakes

– Humility is a sure step to success

3. Be proactive in life

-Peter kept knocking (Acts 12:16)

-Continue to knock at the door of hope

-God remembers our faithfulness

-Peter gave all glory to God for rescuing him (Acts 12:17)


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